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To preserve Nova Scotia’s history, it is important to identify archaeological sites across Nova Scotia and work with landowners to establish protection for these lands. In doing this, the Archaeological Land Trust of Nova Scotia is fulfilling an important role in preserving Nova Scotia’s history.

You can help by letting us know about important archaeological sites that we might not be aware of. Whether you have only seen some ruins on the woods, or you know the detailed history of the site, let us know. We will examine the information and let you know if the site meets our guidelines for protection.

To tell us about a site, please fill out as much of the following form as you can. You can also get an Adobe Acrobat® version of the form here:

Location Information

What community is the site in or near?

What is the street address of the site

What streets or roads are near the site? ?

Who currently owns or occupies the site?

Visual Information

Approximately how large is the site?

Can you see any ruins or archaeological features on the ground surface?

If so, please describe what you can see (attach or email photos if you wish):

Historical Information

Please give a brief description of the history of the site, if known. You can also provide references that we can use (attach or email the information if you wish):

Please mail this form to:

Archaeological Land Trust of Nova Scotia Society

38 Aaron Avenue

Shad Bay, N.S.

B3T 2B5


Download this form in Adobe Acrobot format (.pdf).

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