The Archaeological Land Trust of Nova Scotia
Protecting Nova Scotia’s Archaeological Resources




Current Projects

Pre-Expulsion Acadia

In 2004, the 400th Anniversary of the founding of Acadie sparked a great interest in pre-expulsion Acadian archaeological sites in Nova Scotia. ALTNS is working with individuals and local heritage groups to identify important sites that are threatened by destruction, or contain well-preserved Acadian archaeological resources.


Halifax’s Early History

Since it’s founding in 1749, Halifax has had a central position in the economic development of Nova Scotia. Development-related impacts upon archaeological resources have been a natural result of that position. ALTNS is forming a strategy to permanently protect some of Halifax’s remaining archaeological sites.


‘Guysborough’ Loyalist Site

Port Mouton, Queens County

The Mersey Heritage Society has conducted an archaeological survey of the 1783 Loyalist settlement of Guysborough in Port Mouton, Queens County. ALTNS is helping to protect what they’ve found by working with landowners to protect many of the sites. Visit their website to learn more about this interesting and important site.

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